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    “Faith does not make things easy, it makes them possible. ” - Luke 1.37

    Our story

    Don Joel created Save Street Kids in 2018. Joel stopped his studies to pursue his vocation of providing for orphan children and converted his father's land into a ministry. maggie left his job to teach for the children. and even staff member brother timothy try to change kids like teaching them games and funs too and he is a good person and Now, the ministry takes care of 100 children and 38 widows, who live and go to school there. The staff is made up of ten dedicated Ugandans who want to change these people's lives and we welcome very one who need to come and Volunteer with us here at our ministry and the door is open for you to come and we need to build the house for the children and a school too but we do not have any one to support to buy the land for us or to build us a home for the children and we are praying for every one who can support us to buy the land where we can build the orphanage home for this poor children here at our ministry and we welcome every one who need to stand for this poor children here in Uganda Africa and we need people to come and Volunteers with us here at our ministry and the door is open for every one who need to volunteers here at our ministry and will be happy to see you here at our ministry here in Uganda Africa

    Our mission

    The vision of this particular program is to effect the mitigation of the adverse effects of AIDS on the hapless children, through the community as ‘an army of compassion givers

    To support a community approach to assisting children and communities affected by AIDS through provision of access to education, food, shelter, psychosocial support and other rights and equities accruing to children.


    SSK is an independent, indigenous non-governmental organization with the prime mandate of providing an education -- formal and/or vocational -- to desperately poor, neglected and forgotten orphans whose parents have died of AIDS. SAVE STREET KIDS WITH HOPE assists children with AIDS and widows that have lost their spouses to AIDS and most of them HIV+ themselves. The organization was started in 2018 By Joel , to address the growing need of orphans mainly due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Though started as a community based organization SSK soon needed to upgrade to a nongovernmental organization to better handle the anticipated future characterized by abject poverty and the unending spread of HIV/AIDS. So from 2019, SSK is a fully fledged independent organization with headquarters at Mafubira, 2 kilometers from Jinja, a town in near eastern Uganda, about two hours away from Kampala the capital (and only city) of Uganda. SSK now works in the;

    1. Provision of formal education for orphans and vulnerable children,
    2. Orphans Placement
    3. Empowering widows financially and psychologically, fighting poverty through pursuing income generating activities,
    4. Community HIV/AIDS sensitization and care for communities about AIDS, people living with AIDS (PLWA),
    5. Spreading the word of a caring God.

    SSK operates a primary school established in Mafubira Sub County in Jinja District with 250 children and a children`s home which accommodates 67 children.
    It also has a church facility that serves a community of over 10,000 people with a regular attendance of 300 members. Our activities include needy community women and households affected by HIV/AIDS empowerment. We have 40 active grass root inter-denominational community based groups, called Support Care Groups (SCG’s). Each of these groups has a leader, treasure and secretary.
    SSK is headed by a competent six (6) member Board of Directors. The Executive Director is the overall management officer responsible for the three major departments that are headed by departmental heads. The executive Director is assisted by a program administrator who is the head of the management team that comprises of all departmental heads. The 30 staff member team that runs SSK program activities includes social workers, teachers, counselors, administrative and logistical staff. SSK is affiliated to Miracle center church and other NGOs and CBOs in and around Jinja District.

    Past performance:
    SSK as an organization has been relatively successful (compared against its capacity) in mobilizing and motivating the community and church to practically meet the critical needs of PLWHA in their midst. The 40 SCG’s have up to date catered for about 600 families affected by HIV/AIDS by giving them practical home based care, encouraging their families, (most of whom are children) and giving counsel about their critical needs, some of them being:
    • Development and advocacy programs for the orphans.
    • Economic empowerment for the widows and orphans.
    • Counseling for support and AIDS education.
    • Community education to reduce stigma and motivate volunteer support for PLWHA’s and orphans, especially those in child-headed households.
    Indeed SSK is usually overwhelmed, due to the magnitude of the problem, and resources at its disposal. As such, SSK encourages a sense of sheer sacrifice among the SCG’s, and at times they practically walk to the homes of the sick and affected, offering the most lethal weapon in their possession, prayer. SSK relies on individual donors to fund its programs. Up until now SSK has been able to meet the enormous challenge of child education of 500 children, community empowerment of 300 households, and HIV/AIDS community sensitization and care through individual supporters. SSK has carried out the following project

    Our needs

    Save Street Kids is continuously improving living conditions at the ministry. There are always a lot of projects going on. The current project is to buy one acre of land to start a farm and be self-sustaining. The ministry also always welcomes volunteers to do educational activities with the children after school and we are lacking a school here at our orphanage home and some building for the kids and widows where they can stay etc sleeping and another s too and we need people to join us to build a school and orphanage home for the children and we welcome every one who need to come and Volunteers with us here at our orphanage home here in Uganda Jinja East Africa and the door is open for you and come and work with us the work of the lord AND we need people to come and Volunteers with us here at our ministry and the door id open for every one to come and visit this poor children here at our ministry and to make a change to this children's life and we shall welcome every one in Jesus Name .Amen



    Like Anna Marie (South Africa), Chris Pamel (South Africa), Lise (USA), Angel (South Korea), and Prunelle (France), come experience village life and share joy with our kids! Contact us using the form below.

  • Our kidS

    Discover the stories of the children who grow up at Save Street Kids.


    Mark joined the orphanage in 2013, after his parents both passed away from HIV. He was 8 years old and had no other relatives. Now, he's grown to be a strong boy studying hard to become a doctor and he is lacking a support for the school and he need to go to school but he has no support and he is in need of help for his school fees


    Andrew was one the first children helped by Save Street Kids in 2010. At the age of 14, he was living alone in the streets. Thanks to the team and volunteer Chris Palmer's financial support, he joined professional training to become a mechanic. You can now visit him at the mechanic shop in Jinja!


    Sarah came to Save Street Kids in 2014 after her father passed away. Her mother couldn't afford school for her anymore and had to work all the time digging for gold. She was 13 years old and passionate about teaching. Today, she teaches some of the younger children's classes and dreams of becoming a trained teacher one day.

  • Help us provide good living conditions to our kids! Our project is to buy land to create a farm and be self-sustaining in healthy food.